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Advertising Scoutwiki

I Wrote on that forum about Swedish Scoutwiki and the Socutwiki :) Frozzare, 22 Januari 2008

Maybe you can advertise Scoutwiki on this forum : [1] ? Good luck ! Florian 3 december 2007 kl. 19.58 (EET)


as you may have noticed the common scoutwiki skin has come back to SV ScoutWiki.

You are currently using a modified version of PartioWiki's logo, but it would be great if you changed it for a logo similar to those of other scoutwikis. What would you think, as an example, of a logo like that ? If it fits you, it can be put in place quite soon.

Yours in scouting, Akela NDE, 22 augusti 2008 kl. 17.39 (UTC)

Tillbaka till sidan "Huvudsida".